A. What is your preference? When I arrive, I like to look like the picture in your fantasy. If you're looking to be seduced by a seductive all american girl next door, that's what you'll get. If you like snug-fitting sweater and jeans, I can handle that as well. Conservatively sexy dress? Check. Summer dress ? Check The only thing I don't feel comfortable is walking around in public in over-the-top sexy clothes unless we are already together. I can arrive more discreetly, and then change in your room. Because I'm so curvaceous, I tend to draw some attention from both men and women and would prefer to have you on my arm when this happens!

A. No. The photos I've posted allow you to "see" me enough so that you know what to expect. If you're disappointed with my appearance when I arrive, you're welcome to ask me to leave. I have yet to have that happen and don't anticipate that changing.

A. Yes, I work out regularly with yoga, dance, and cardio. I enjoy keeping a healthy diet to make sure I'm always camera-ready. I take great pride in my physical appearance always making sure I'm perfectly polished for you from well kept tresses to tan soft skin and a perfectly pedicure and manicure.

A. I do require references but if you are a "first timer" Please send me your inked in link and show up as the man in your profile picture.  I will also accept a "test" email from your company.  I will not respond and I can also supply an alternate email to send this to that is not affiliated with any online activity.  You must match the picture from your company’s website.

A. Certain things are never discussed until a thorough screening is completed, even if it is nothing more than a fantasy. Once you have been completely screened, we can be a little more open with questions and answers. However, any discussion about sex for money will be a deal breaker. This is a very important point! You are paying for my companionship. What we decide to do with our time is between you and me when we meet!

A. Certainly! Getting acquainted (or re-acquainted) over dinner is a wonderful way to begin our date. I'd be pleased to recommend a restaurant if you don't have one in mind. And, it doesn't have to include Dessert. It could include just a drink , perhaps an appetizer ! You are compensating me for my time, so my time is your time I offer a "Dinner and Dessert" package in case you want to go that route.

A. I truly appreciate any tokens of your affection:) I always enjoy fresh fruit, cheese and crackers with a nice glass of wine. My favorite is a full bodied Cabernet or a Blend. I also love champagne!!

A. I HONOR PRIVACY, DISCRETION, and RESPECT, and I EXPECT the SAME in return. I pride myself on exclusivity and my client's privacy will always be held in the strictest confidence.  I keep my information double locked, encrypted and stored offshore.

A. Yes! You can fly me to you for a minimum of 4 hours for the West Coast region, 6 hours for the Southwest and Midwest, and 8 hours for the East Coast. Travel expenses plus a 50% deposit are required, so I may begin to prepare for our wonderful time! A first/business class ticket is always appreciated.

A. I was captain of my cheer leading squad in high school. I'm a huge a Warriors & Niners fan. You can count on me watching every game 🙂

Invite me to a public sports bar to watch a game with you. I can arrive at the beginning or at half time and cheer by your side. P.S Football counts too 🙂

A.I understand things happen in our busy lives. Should you need to reschedule, please let me know and ill be happy to accommodate you.

Should you cancel your appointment within 48 hours you will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee for the time that was set aside for you.

After two cancellations or a no show, you will be blocked and I will not see you anymore.