I like to believe everyone is good, and so far that has been my experience. During my time as a sensual body healer, I have met the most amazing, kind, bright and honest people. This is partly because I screen whom ever I invite into my studio and partly because of the type of person who seeks this type of offering. With that being said please be rest assured you are safe in my hands.

Screening Methods
This information is kept strictly confidential between you and me only.
Please choose only one:

  • Provider Reference
  • Provider references are accepted from well reviewed, trusted ladies. Do NOT send me her email or phone number, instead send me a link to her review page.

Other Options
Is this you first time? No worries, here a few options for newbies.

  • Work Phone
  • Provide your work phone number so that I may discreetly contact you one time. Phone number must be Google search verifiable.

  • LinkedIn Link
  • To find your LinkedIn URL, go to Settings > Privacy and Settings > Manage > Edit your public URL, then copy and paste it to me.